By Claire West

The workforce is changing and we’re already a world away from where we were just a decade ago.

According to the CBI, just half of the UK’s working population now works in a “traditional” manner, with full-time hours and on an employer’s payroll. Additionally, workforces are becoming increasingly remote, the younger generation of workers has different needs and expectations and working in retirement has become an increasingly common practice.

It is important for employers to consider how they can keep up with these challenges, ensuring that they put all of the appropriate safeguards in place, including correct and legally sound contracts and agreements, so that they can protect themselves against any perennial and emerging challenges before they arise.

Employers need to ensure that any policies, procedures and contracts that they had in place even a few years ago can withstand challenges that might rear their heads in today’s marketplace.

Andrea Thomas from MLM Cartwright Solicitors, who have recently launched an offering to help ensure that businesses safeguard themselves against any challenges presented by these constant changes said:

“It is important for employers to realise that nowadays, one size will not necessarily fit all. Employers may find that they now need selection of contracts to choose from to cater for different circumstances — full time staff, part time, contractors and those on zero hour contracts”.

Employers have to evolve and adapt in order to avoid costly repercussions. Recent research has revealed that the average award at an employment tribunal now stands at £12,148 and the British Chambers of Commerce has put the average cost of an employer defending themselves at tribunal at £8,500.

Aimed primarily at SME’s, MLM Adviser is a fully integrated HR and legal service which gives businesses face-to-face access to a dedicated HR professional or lawyer who understands their business. MLM Adviser provides pro-active advice and guidance on the employment relationsip as well as core HR support including selection, the preparation of contracts, policies and procedures and assistance with disciplinary, grievance and performance and sickness issues.

Rather than helping businesses to deal with problems when they occur, MLM Adviser aims to help businesses prevent those problems from ever arising.

MLM Adviser offers pragmatic, business focused advice and employment solutions for a small fixed monthly fee which includes regular information briefings and strategic HR business support backed by a fully indemnified legal service which is uniquely delivered, for a low cost subscription model like this one, via a face to face relationship with a dedicated lawyer.