Thoughtful copy, which has been carefully keyword optimised, will be required to boost your content across platforms, as will a range of platform appropriate stills, specially designed social images and shortened edits of your video content to entice your audience to want to find out more.

As each social platform is different, your activation strategy must directly address these differences and set out how your content should be promoted to secure the best possible results. For example, for Instagram, this means creating a 15 second edit of your video, whereas, for Facebook, a 30 second edit with no audio will be needed.

You must also be sure to address precisely how you plan to attract the attention of your target audience without the use of audio, perhaps through attention grabbing captions or other graphics.

Close consideration should be given to all paid media options to boost your content, as well as looking at other forms of published media and the potential for reaching out to vloggers and bloggers to increase the reach of your message.

Content creation is complex, with many strategies to plan and implement to ensure your brand video is as successful as it possibly can be to drive positive, tangible results for your business. With some creativity, innovation and thorough planning, the potential rewards are vast, which means video content should certainly be playing a key part within your brand’s overall digital strategy.

Evelyn Timson, is the managing director of video production and marketing company, Aspect.