By Robert Craven, MD of Directors' Centre

Anyone who has followed me over the last few years will have noticed that each successive book gets shorter and more expensive. Kick-Start was 298 pages and £10.99 and the most recent Beating The Credit Crunch was 98 pages for £20.00.

Well, the next book will be even shorter. In fact, this may well be it! But I won’t be charging for it.

In 20 years time, by a logarithmic progression, the book would be condensed to just over a page. Rather than waiting all that time I thought that we should just cut to the chase.

Those of you who have followed the “Stop P***ing Around” and “Take Massive Action” book chapters, blogs, articles and presentations probably know exactly where all this is going...

All my work has a series of specific themes running through it. The themes inter-relate and support each other. They are as follows

Theme 1: Be clear about what you want. So,

* Where are you now?

* Where are you going? Where do you want to be?

* How are you going to get there?

Theme 2: Focus on what you want and how you are going to achieve it

Theme 3: If in doubt, “Fake it till you make it!”

Theme 4: Stop p***ing about! Take massive bloody action.

That’s it. All the rest is commentary.

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