elephant_chartMost people have benefited from globalisation, but a small percentage have not, that percentage can perhaps be best described as white, working class, and male.

But the problem is more than economic, it is cultural. The coal industry is not returning to South Wales, nor is the steel industry, the US rust belt will never see a return to old glories, automation will see to that. Indeed, if the sharing economy and autonomous cars converge, then the car industry itself will contract in size. Whichever way you look at it, the rust belt that voted so decisively for Mr Trump has got problems. The service economy, if that means jobs in Walmart or warehouses, is less well paid, less supportive of promoting cultural identity. The heavily unionized industries of the past gave workers a sense of empowerment, industry promoted a sense of identity, social cohesion and it is that which is under threat.

Yet in all the debates of 2016, one thing seemed absent: a quest for truth, a desire for understanding. Instead, we saw a debate that put emotion before fact, intolerance of alternative views replaced a desire for broader understanding, and a media which - at least in some cases - sounded more hysterical than reasoned. The tyranny of the majority means a system that shows little tolerance of those who are different, of minorities, and in the case of the US, where the popular voted yielded more votes for Mrs Clinton, even an intolerance of the majority who lost an election thanks to geography, manipulation and jerry mandering.

In this age of the smart-phone, most of us are just a button press away from accessing the sum knowledge of mankind, the species we call Homo sapiens (wise man) should be truly wise. Instead, we seem to have become trapped in echo chambers.

The re-birth of history is one thing, but I sometimes fear we are seeing the end of the age of reason. The warriors the world now needs are those who believe in a quest for truth, who put reason and science in front of prejudice and bigotry. The internet has made the world a smaller place, it has created a new type of citizen, a global citizen who believes in global cooperation, that people are the same across the world, and it is that ideal which seems to be under threat. It is that ideal which needs to be fought for, it is the overriding challenge as history is re-born.