Paper people

You've more than likely heard it before. It's not what you know, but who you know. What I'm saying is that it is so very true. You can be the most experienced and knowledgeable person in your industry, even on the planet, but if no one knows, you're unlikely to succeed. How can you expect people just to know about you or what you do? The simple answer: They won't!

Here are a few ways you can get to know people and begin to build awareness of your brand...

Tell your story

It's human nature to want to know about other people. Since dawn began we have told stories through images, books, film and music. Everyone has a story to tell, so share yours. Your story will encourage others to congratulate you, gain inspiration from what you've done and generally engage with you. If you're starting a business, trying to increase brand awareness or improve your career, putting together your brand story will improve trust and increase both engagement and leads.

Make sure you cover the who, what, why, where, when and how.


There are numerous ways to network with those in your industry, potential clients and with customers. Simply search for meet ups in your area online and strike up a conversation. You can even connect and engage with people online through the various social media channels. If you reach out someone will hear you. This is one way of encouraging people to speak to you and engage in conversation, as well as an opportunity to ask others for their story.

Open up conversations with strangers. It could lead to friendship, partnership and business.

Get published

Start a blog, write a columns or articles to share your story and knowledge across different mediums. There are numerous sites that are crying out for writers, business owners and professionals to write about what they know and to tell their story. Get involved. Ask site owners if you can become a regular contributor, or even just supply articles on an ad-hoc basis. Most are open and willing if you have something really good to share. What's great about this is that they have a much wider, more established audience that you can put yourself in front of. What's more, they'll promote your article via their social media channels. Overall, it's a great form of marketing you and your business.

Write about what you know and ask readers questions to encourage them to engage with you.Get to know your audience

You may want to promote your business to anyone and everyone, but it's also important to get to know who your audience is and who you need to target to reap the benefits. Get to know others in your industry, find out where they read content online, what their interests are and build relationships with them. Much of it is trial and error, but you can use social data and even tools such as Buzzsumo to obtain information on the most shared content and influencers who have shared said content.

Profile your customers. Create three or four personas of who you think your customers are.

By Anna Morrish, founder of the recent start-up Quibble Content