By Daniel Hunter

In a business world where face to face communication is declining and we spend most of our working lives staring at a screen, it’s the handwritten note that delivers the most impact according to research by online print business, MOO.

Two in five of us feel that sending a handwritten note or letter at work builds better business relationships than an email or printed letter. A fifth of us (20%) believe that handwritten communications at work reflects well on our reputation and the company we work for.

Yet, in an average month, over half of us (58%) don’t send any form of handwritten business communication at all. A third of us (33%) say it’s because we just don’t have enough time, although it may also be a lack of confidence in our letter writing abilities. It’s a trend that’s only set to increase as the next generation entering the workplace cannot structure a formal letter — with 35% of 18-24 year olds admitting they weren’t confident in their abilities.

The number of us sending handwritten business communication has decreased from five years ago, when half of us were sending handwritten letters at least once a month. Perhaps we’re missing a trick though, as 37% of us believe handwritten business communication adds more gravitas.

So, how do you make your business contacts and work colleagues feel appreciated? Whether it’s a long letter or a thank you card almost eight out of ten Brits (78%) say that receiving a personalised letter makes them feel valued. In comparison, less than half of us valued receiving an email (46%) - with even fewer appreciating a text (39%) or tweet (25%). Even handwriting the envelope will get their attention, with almost a third of us opening it before all of our other post.

Teresa Pereira, VP Brand and Communications from MOO said: “Even though we’re living in a digital world and so many of the ways we communicate are instantaneous, we still love to receive handwritten notes. It’s that personal touch: it means the sender has taken the time to think about us and that makes us feel valued.

"In business, sending a handwritten note helps build relationships. For example, we’re seeing more and more companies using our Luxe Notecards to send personal notes to their customers. It helps a business stand out in the mass of daily communications that we all get.”

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