The Monday Revolution, says David Mansfield, visiting professor at Cass Business School, is a state of mind to apply on the first day of the week. It’s a metaphor for recognising that some things need to change. It’s an approach that relies on simple steps to achieve smart ways of getting things done. To illustrate what I mean here’s a conversation you may find familiar……

‘How did it come to this? We used to be on the ball, smart and fast. Now we’re behaving like one of those organisations we used to despise. In order to get things done there are processes to follow, departments to involve and people to sign things off. I look in my diary and it’s full of meetings. But I’m struggling to connect those meetings with the priorities of the company and my own responsibilities. I only start my own work when I’ve left the room.’

So said Linda, who had a moment of awakening after realising that the company she joined and helped build several years ago, was sliding towards mediocrity. As the business had evolved it had acquired systems and processes to help it function. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, until those management tools take on a life of their own. What was supposed to assist the company’s growth actually began to restrain it.

The business world is complex and that’s not going to stop any time soon. The ever increasing supply of information, disruptive competition and growing demands on executive time, point to a different approach to organising and running a company. Traditional ways of operating are simply no longer good enough.

Changing an organisation from the middle or even the upper ranks is no easy task. Yet, there are steps to take which can significantly improve productivity, the working day and the satisfaction of going to work.

It doesn’t require evolution because that’s how the problems occurred in the first place. The personal work model is broken and requires a more radical approach if things are to change for the better.

And that realisation is how The Monday Revolution was born.

I’ve worked, and work with, many businesses, big and small. Some incredibly successful, some not so and some that went bust. On what has been a long journey of learning I’ve concluded that simple things done well are more rewarding and more effective. Long term planning, processes and approvals have their place, but not at the expense of profitable growth and an ability to look forward to the working week. How are Sunday evenings for you?

The Monday Revolution is about changing your personal approach to work. It’s about taking control of time and spending it on the things that matter. There is no greater satisfaction than getting things done. Who wants to spend long days in pointless meetings or writing reports that never serve any real purpose?

In many senses it’s about what I call self-honesty. We have a great capacity for misleading ourselves. Often so subtle we believe our own deception. We procrastinate, delay or reach hypothetical conclusions that prevent us taking action.

Not everything we are going to do will hit the right spot. Inevitably there are tasks that we don’t look forward to. But instead of putting them off, much better to deal with them as quickly and efficiently as possible and move on. Not leave them lying around taking up valuable headspace whilst we worry about not doing them.

We all know people who seem to crack through work at a pace that leaves others in their wake. Are they so much brighter or working longer hours? No. They’re the sort of people who have their own version of The Monday Revolution and apply it within the rules and culture of their organisation.

Over the coming months my articles for this publication will explore everyday tasks and topics we can apply to revolutionise our approach to work. I’ll be covering all those challenging areas that just seem to get in the way, providing real hands on practical advice that I apply in my own daily Revolution.

The Monday Revolution will transform how you think about the things that really matter and help you achieve your goals in a highly time efficient way. This will change your life!