Marcus Leach, Fresh Business Thinking: This is Marcus Leach reporting for Fresh Business Thinking, we are here at Kensington Palace for the launch of The London Entrepreneurial Exchange, an organisation that brings together the country's leading entrepreneurs.

Lara Morgan, CEO, Pacific Direct: Events like Enterprise Exchange and learning from other people who have run successful companies, I can't list the amount of people that I've heard speak or gone to see at and event and that stuff counts.

Guy Rigby, Head of Entrepreneurs, Smith and Williamson: As you go through life you learn things and you think you know it all, all the time and then you suddenly find out you didn't know it all and then you find out a bit more. So there isn't any one thing, it's an accumulation of experiences and things that happen to you that determine how you become or stay successful.

Alexander Amosu, Founder, RnB Ringtones: That's the key thing about Entrepreneur Exchange that you can communicate, it's by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. I think that's very important.

Russ Malkin, Producer, Long Way Round & Long Way Down: Finding the right person who's prepared to give you advice that you're going to take because a lot of entrepreneurs will listen to what others are saying but they won't take the advice.

Scott Allison, Founder, Teamly.com: When you're an entrepreneur, the key thing is to keep going and no matter how tough things get just keep at it.

Chris Gorman, Chairman, The London Entrepreneurial Exchange: Surround yourself with great people. Great people will drive you. Get people that are better than yourself, get people that will challenge you and make you think about your business. The second one is, be careful about your cash, always be planning ahead, there are challenges getting funding but it is still available. As long as you're planning ahead, as long as you're delivering what you're saying to potential investors, so just plan ahead for that.

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