graduate3So you’ve hired high potential graduates and spent a year actively developing their hard skills, behaviours and business acumen - what’s next? Benchmarking allows you to audit the potential in your organisation, helping you to identify commonalities between high potential traits and performance across your entire organisation. Combined with appraisal grading and the 9 box grid (commonly used by businesses to evaluate an employee's performance and potential), you will be able to flag those most likely to succeed and identify those with the potential to be future leaders and to take the next step.

Leadership skills and communication training may be offered to these future leaders as they enter a fast track graduate stream, focused on developing their ability to perform in a management and leadership capacity. As with all graduates, development should be continuous and tailored to individuals to ensure you are providing all employees with the opportunity to perform at their best.

Ian MacRae, Co-founder of High Potential Psychology Ltd & Thomas Advisor

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