By Jim Duffy, Entrepreneurial Spark CEO, #GoDo, @GoDo_Today

Nothing fascinates me more than leadership; books have been written on it from all walks of life. When you Google “Leadership” within .35 seconds it provides 480,000,000 articles.

However, I Googled entrepreneurial leadership and it only gave me 5,110,000 articles. Big data!

So much of what goes into everything you are all doing is about entrepreneurial leadership.
Obviously, we have over 5 million we can look at, but I’ll make it easier...

1. Decision Architect

An entrepreneurial leader needs to design decisions, and then ultimately make them. Using tools that exist like the Business Canvas etc. you can come to a place where you have enough data and analysis to inform a rational decision. But, the entrepreneurial leader has to act fast and doesn’t have the luxury of being able to get it wrong again and again. You have to think between the cracks like no other leader does.

2. Uncertainty

As you grow your ideas and businesses, you are charting new territory. There will be uncertainty everywhere and things that you thought would happen won’t, while every now and then you get a nice surprise. Hiring staff, bringing on investors, choosing funders, taking on premises, company structure and partnerships - they all get bigger and more complex. The entrepreneurial leader has to navigate through these and grow. It’s the comfortable with being uncomfortable paradigm.

3. Brilliant communication

As you gather an increasing number of resources around you, you will find yourself communicating on so many different levels with so many different people. Online, offline, in presentations, meetings, interviews, networking, to investors, mentors, customers, contractors and even your Enablers - the list goes on. In between, you have to manage your other important relationships too, with family, friends and colleagues.

To do all this you have to be brilliant at comms. It can make you or break you. I know, as on many occasions I have excelled and on many I have screwed up or been distracted or below par. This is a skill you must learn… trust me.

4. Vision and your dissatisfaction with the status quo

You want to create something different, game-changing, amazing and awesome that others will use and/or pay for. So you, as the entrepreneurial leader, have to have vision. Think BIG and act small… In the USA they talk about 'big hairy audacious goals'. It’s great to have them. You must be motivated, agitated, annoyed or at the very least creative in your reasoning for your vision. It is your raison d’être… why you exist. This is what people will buy into - you, your vision and how you execute it.