By Daniel Hunter

The Rugby World Cup is set to boost the UK's tourism industry by £1 billion, according to flights search engine

With less than a month to go until the Rugby World Cup kicks off, more than 400,000 international visitors and two million Brits are expected to visit the 11 host cities in England and Wales. GoEuro's says the tournament will give the UK economy the biggest tourism boost since the London Olympics.

London will be the biggest winner over all, with 17 matches earning the city £197,026,000. Furthermore, transportation bosses will be happy with £15,420,000 extra income as spectators descend on the capital.
The 11 host cities will generate between £3,524,934.50 and £197,024,316.33 in terms of money spent on inner-city transport, accommodation, food & beverages, according to the number of expected visiting spectators and the number of games being hosted. For the tourism industry as a whole, the cup is expected to generate a whopping £957,429,314.07.

The research focused on transport, accommodation and miscellaneous costs and did not take the cost of tickets into account. The methodology behind it involved making an average of tourist expenditure by nationality of visitors (Visit Britain and UNWTO statistics) along with GoEuro’s Price Indexes.