Image: Brian Solis Image: Brian Solis

I often get asked, "how is management really that different from leadership?" Well the answer is "very!" and here's how, along with the skills you need to succeed in both roles:

  • A leader must create a vision and clearly articulate this to their organisation. The management team should then be able to interpret that vision and implement the structure and process to deliver it.
  • A leader should win followers. A manager should create hard working employees.
  • A leader must be able to use their imagination to see what is truly possible. A manager should look to identify the specific work necessary to make it a reality.
  • A leader should have the ability to 'think outside the box' and create change, whereas a manager should more often than not focus on facts and figures to analyse, drive performance and manage change.
  • A leader should have charisma to engage their organisation in their vision. A manager should then model the way and lead by example.
  • A leader must be prepared to sometimes take 'strategic risks' and take responsibility for the results. A manager should show discipline by working to a plan and should take credit when that plan succeeds.
  • A leader must have confidence in the vision they have created for the business. A manager must believe that the part they play is critical to the success of the overall strategy.
  • A leader empowers their people. A manager will exercise power to keep their team on track.

By Adrian Johnston, Management Consultant, Get The Edge UK