By Francesca James

This week’s biscuit creation task saw Zoe biting of more than she could chew.

The contestants were thrown into the task with a wake up call in person by Lord Sugar, explaining to the shell shocked and half asleep contestants that this week they were to create a biscuit to bring to market.

Lord Sugar explained that each team would have to produce “the packaging, the presentation, the whole lot, and then pitch it to three supermarkets"

Lord Sugar encouraged the teams to create "something different, something distinct.”

Both teams had 2 days to invent and launch a new brand of biscuit that would retail at £1.99 and then pitch it to 2 supermarket giants.

Golden girl Helen was paired up with Jim and Natasha and was first to put herself forward (with no objections) as team leader.

The other team didn't nominate their leader with such ease. Suzie initially tried to grab the opportunity, saying that her experience within the cosmetic industry would stand her in good stead for what was to come but she was 'slapped down like a yapping puppy' according to Nick Hewer and was outshone and outvoted by Zoe who's experience in the food industry filled her team mates with confidence.

The teams split up with half the contestants heading south to the biscuit development lab in Swansea to begin their journey to their prototype biscuits.

Whilst there, each team was assigned a biscuit development boffin who was to help turn the teams ideas into pitch ready products.

Focus groups eventually inspired Helen’s team to press on with their 'Special Stars' — a mix of biscuits and chocolate to be used by parents as a special treat for kids whilst Melody and Tom 'The Inventor', still stuck on the drawing board were persuaded by their focus group to opt for their biscuit within a biscuit idea.

The pitches offered some truly cringe worthy moments with Tom and Melody play acting as a couple in love in an effort to win over the bemused buyers. The other team were also by no means pitch perfect and Jim got carried away making million pound promises that simply could not be delivered.

The boardroom once again meant a resounding victory for Helen — with a staggering order of 800,000 units from Asda whilst her opposition Zoe’s and her Bix-Mix failed to secure a single order.

Lord Sugar was evidently impressed with Helen and her team saying “That’s unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like that. That is the launch of a mega-product” as he sent them on their way to a luxury country estate for tea and scones.

Zoe, letting Susan Ma off the hook took Tom Pellereau and Melody Hossaini into the boardroom.

Although she fought her corner, Lord Sugar told Zoe that he couldn't go into business with her.