By Jonathan Davies

Double "You're fired" was always going to be a semi-regular occurrence in this series of The Apprentice, given the 20 candidates in a 12 week programme. But not many viewers will have been able to go to bed last night without picking up their jaw from the floor as Lord Sugar fired three, yes THREE candidates in one go!

Taking no prisoners, Lord Sugar went straight for the kill on Steven, Sarah and project manager Ella Jade after another disastrous task.

So let's talk about the task. It was refreshing to see such an up-to-date one on The Apprentice, even if Lord Sugar sounded more awkward saying "YouTube" than anyone has before. The team's were asked to create their own YouTube channel and film three videos which would go live for 48 hours. Quite simply, the team with the most views won.

Team Summit went with 'Dare to Dine', a culinary advice channel for the young professional. In reality, it earned James the title of "Grade A pillock" for his role as the kitchen idiot in a series of videos aimed at 3 year olds.

Team Tenacity opted for a fitness channel, helping overweight fathers or 'Fat Daddies' on their journey to fitness. In reality, it was an attempt for the world record of calling a fat person (Felipe, who isn't fat...) "fat" as many times as they could in a couple of minutes.

Neither team's videos impressed and even with the help of experienced YouTubers, Summit won with just 3532 views in 48 hours. For the fourth task in a row, it seems strange that a team of supposedly some of the brightest business potential in the UK are encouraged to celebrate a 'win' with just 3500 views. Perhaps the production team should call the winner the 'team that didn't do as bad as the others' from now on.

There was a distinct lack of understanding of this task from every single candidate. Lord Sugar made it clear that it was about views - nothing else. Of course, there's part of you that always wants to create a quality product. But the teams neither created something that would go viral nor something that was quality.

Where were the dogs? People love dogs. People love videos with dogs. Okay, the candidates definitely wouldn't have re-invented the wheel with a channel of dog videos, but neither did their cooking advice or fitness channels. At least they would've shown awareness and understanding of what is popular and what get's shared across social media.

There was actually one key decision that was positive. It may have actually been the first one of the series. Solomon, project manager of Team Summit, decided to team up with the YouTube blogger with 1.5 million views, rather than the one with 70,000. It seems obvious, but his team winced slightly at the decision because the guy with 70,000 was more relevant to their audience. But that decision won Summit the task.

Next week the teams have to launch their own coach tour companies. I dread to think how terribly that one is going to go!

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