By Marcus Leach

Lord Sugar showed no mercy as he fired Natasha Scribbins from The Apprentice on Wednesday, and in doing so revealing the four finalists.

Jim Eastwood, Susan Ma, Helen Louise Milligan and Tom Pellereau are the four candidates who have made it into the final, with the chance to win a unique contract that will see Lord Sugar as their business partner.

The task was relatively simple, brand, design and launch a fast-food outlet in the heart of central London - but as the contestants have proved throughout this series the simple tasks often cause them the most problems.

With Tom and Helen forming Team Logic, and Susan, Jim and Natasha forming Team Venture, it was the latter three who felt they would have the upper hand, given their numerical advantage.

However, with Jim out doing market research for a Mexican themed food outlet the girls were left to brand the concept, yet all they managed to do was agree that they didn't like, or respect each other.

Meanwhile Tom and Helen easily decided who was doing what for their team and set about branding their traditional, modern pie establishment - although confusion over the nationality of Christopher Columbus was almost disastrous.

Both teams knew they would have a trial run before Lord Sugar and the fast-food industry experts came to visit them, but Tom had the foresight to have a double dummy run in an attempt to eradicate as many problems as possible before the 'grand opening'.

It was a wise choice, as come the final wash-up Lord Sugar was impressed with the foresight, and it paid off with the industry experts too, who rated Team Logic as the superior team in all departments.

Much to the shock of all five candidates Lord Sugar announced that Team Logic would advance straight to the final, whilst the remaining three would be called back into the boardroom to face the firing line.

Tom and Helen could hardly contain their joy and had to hold back the shouts of joy as they left the boardroom, safe in the knowledge that they were one step closer to the prize at the end of the road.

Back in the boardroom the daggers came out as all three fought viciously to save themselves from the dreaded finger. There was no love lost as all three named and shamed their colleagues and things soon turned personal.

Lord Sugar had finally heard enough and called order before giving Natasha her marching orders with the infamous line; 'You're Fired!'.

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