By Marcus Leach

As Lord Sugar fired Edna Agbarha on this week's episode of The Apprentice it was very much a case of out with the rubbish.

Having set the teams a waste disposal task Lord Sugar was less than impressed with the business psychologist as she pulled out all the stops to try and save herself from being the latest to take a cab ride home.

The task may not have been what the candidates were expecting, but there is a lot of money to be made in waste disposal, as Jason Mohr will attest to. Mr Mohr, founder of AnyJunk, the UK's largest rubbish removal company, appeared on the show on Wednesday, offering advice to the two teams.

Speaking exclusively to Fresh Business Thinking Mr Mohr highlighted who he thought had the right business skills to go on to win the show.

"For me Melody (Hoassaini) seems to be the best bet to win," Mr Mohr said.

"She has strong communication skills, is very focused and commercially aware."

However, Mr Mohr went on to say that despite the success of the hit TV show he doesn't feel it is necessarily a true reflection of what it takes to succeed in business.

And if anyone knows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur it is Mr Mohr, who quit his job in the city to found his own firm, Any Junk, which is now the country's leading waste removal firm.

"I think the Apprentice is more about TV than it is about business," he said.

"The show can inspire people but they must be aware that because somebody wins the Apprentice it doesn't necessarily mean they will be a success in business.

"Shows such as this can give a false impression as to what it takes in business."

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