By Marcus Leach

Melody Hossaini became the latest candidate to get fired from The Apprentice on Wednesday as both teams struggled with a seemingly simple task.

Lord Sugar set the teams an old fashioned sales task, giving a nostalgic speech at the start explaining how his business career started in similar circumstances.

'Smell it and sell it' were the instructions from Lord Sugar as he gave the teams £250 worth of goods to sell at a profit, yet they didn't seem to grasp what he was getting at.

Both teams got their target markets all wrong, trying to sell £50 watches to pound stores just one example if their ineptitude when it comes to direct sales.

By this stage of the show Lord Sugar would have been hoping that the remaining candidates would shine, after all he had whittled them down to the so called cream of the crop.

However, when it came to the boardroom it became painfully clear that the only thing all the candidates are good at is insulting and back-stabbing one an other.

Lord Sugar quickly grew tired of their bickering as they alternated between double-crossing each other and pleading with Lord Sugar that they were the right candidate to keep on.

Helen, Tom and Melody were soon silenced though as Lord Sugar pointed the finger at Melody and said 'You're fired!'

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