By Marcus Leach

It was Melody Hossaini who impressed Lord Sugar in the eighth episode of the 2011 Apprentice, despite clearly lying during the task, as Leon Doyle was fired.

Quite frankly it was not surprising in the slightest that Doyle was given the boot, such was his lack of involvement in the entire task. But what was surprising was the way Melody lied to her team leader Tom Pellereau to get her own way.

With the teams split into two groups, one half was sent to Paris to begin market research, whilst the other half remained in London to select the products they would sell in the French capital.

Hats off to Melody for utilising her French speaking skills, but to then lie to Leon as to what was said back to her was quite shocking. Melody's problem was she didn't want one of the products Tom was suggesting, a car booster seat that folds into a rucksack - which ultimately proved to be a massive seller - and thus did all she could, including lying, to stop it being selected.

However, at least Melody showed some initiative, which is more than can be said about her partner in France, Leon. Other than following Melody around like a lost puppy he did nothing, other than tell Lord Sugar he couldn't speak French, which as one could imagine didn't wash.

One incredible sales pitch by Helen Milligan to La Redoute aside, we didn't learn much in a business sense about the candidates last night - other than that most of them are not cut out for business.

Helen's pitch to La Redoute for the rucksack-come-booster seat was the standout effort, securing an order in excess of $200,000 for her team, and earning great praise from Lord Sugar and his cohorts.

Business aside, as this show isn't all about business, the highlight of the episode was Susan Na's mindless questions. She is always eager to impress but at times forgets she is in a grown-ups world. Questions such as 'do the French love their children?' and 'Do the French drive a lot?' really didn't do her any favours.

By the time Tom took Melody and Leon into the boardroom to face the wrath of Lord Sugar it was clear that Leon was struggling. Having no defence for himself, other than that he couldn't speak French, and his only contribution being a drawing, it was no surprise at all that he heard the famous words, 'You're Fired!'

Far from annoyed at the way Melody wrestled control of the team from Tom, Lord Sugar was impressed by her efforts and desire to do whatever it takes to win.

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