By Marcus Leach

After eleven weeks of business challenges on the 2011 Apprentice we have finally reached the stage where Lord Sugar will pick the candidate he believes to be most deserving of him as a business partner.

In the last show before the final Natasha Scribbins was fired, as her team lost the fast-food challenge in convincing fashion, meaning the four finalists are Susan Ma, Helen Louise Milligan, Jim Eastwood and Tom Pellereau.

Up until now the candidates have worked in teams, putting their business knowledge and skills to the test in a variety of challenges aimed at weeding out those clearly not cut out for the world of business.

But now, as the make one last bid to win the £250,000 cash injection and Lord Sugar as their business partner, the candidates must go solo in an attempt to convince Lord Sugar they are the ideal candidate to go into business with.

Each candidate will face a gruelling interview process with four of Lord Sugar's most trusted business advisors, an interview only the strongest will survive.

After that they will have their business proposals examined in minute detail, where there will be nowhere to hide, as they pitch their business idea for Lord Sugar's investment.

Following the interviews Lord Sugar will receive feedback from his four advisors before calling the candidates back into the boardroom for one final time. Each will have a chance to plead their case to Lord Sugar before he fires three and settles on his new business partner.

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