By Marcus Leach

As 'The Apprentice' heads into the second half of the series the remaining candidates, in a bid to win an investment of £250,000 into a start up business of their choice with Lord Sugar as their business partner, are tasked with producing a free premium magazine.

It what is billed as the most eagerly anticipated episode of the current series the candidates must select a strong focus to their magazine, convincing advertisers that they can deliver to a wide audience.

Lord Sugar calls his candidates to an early morning meeting in Fleet Street to outline the task, with both teams heading down diametrically opposed routes.

Team Logic opts for the 'lads' mag' angle, whilst Team Venture looks to target the over 60 market. However, amidst racy photography and sexual innuendo Logic's slogan ends up being 'How do you blow your load?'.

If that wasn't bad enough Venture come up with titles that will surely alienate their readership, with titles such as 'The Old Boot' and 'Coffin Dodger' clearly missing the mark.

Both team's projects soon come under fire from Lord Sugar's assistants, with Jim Eastwood once again proving to be a tricky customer.

As the episode draws to a close their are heated discussions in the boardroom, with Lord Sugar becoming increasingly animated before making a surprising decision as he once again says 'You're fired!'

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