By Marcus Leach

This week's episode of hit TV show 'The Apprentice' further highlighted that being successful in business can come down to the smallest of margins.

Both teams, fresh from the shock of the previous week's double firing, were keen to impress on the waste disposal task, and in the end the two teams were separated by less than £10 profit as Team Logic took the honours.

Helen Milligan took charge of Team Logic and transformed them with a no nonsense approach that paid dividends when the task finished, pipping Team Venture, headed by Zoe Beresford, by £6.

With Lord Sugar seemingly enjoying seeing his charges get out of their business suits and into overalls it was Helen who shone, opting to remove rubbish for free in order to salvage the valuable metal from it.

Zoe's team slipped up, by offering to charge for the removal of valuable office furniture, leaving Susan Ma looking foolish for her decision to charge. Susan missed the point that there was no rubbish and by offering free removal they would make profit, no matter the size.

With both teams making errors it was always going to be a tight run affair, and in the end it was, £6 the difference between winning and facing Lord Sugar in the boardroom.

As it was, after some nasty scenes between the disgruntled losers Lord Sugar chose to get rid of Edna Agbarha, with the now famous words, 'You're fired!'

Well done to @freshbusiness twitter followers @chrisdaysh and @book_keepers who correctly predicted Edna's fate!

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