By Marcus Leach

It's a dog eat dog world in The Apprentice tonight, Wednesday 1st June, as both teams are set the task of creating, branding and pitching a new pet food.

Nick picks the teams once again before delivering a message from Lord Sugar, and then it is down to the business of the task.

With one team opting for dog food, and the other cat food, it is down to business as the teams split. One half head to Lincolnshire to create the food, whilst the remaining team members stay at the advertising agency to name and brand their product.

The teams receive support from Britain's leading pet food manufacturer and it seems as if the task is plain sailing. However, things soon turn difficult as teammates ignore valuable advice from pet-loving focus groups and come up with obscure names for their products.

With the product packaged it seems as if moral and confidence is restored, but then comes the task of making commercials for their new product, which causes considerable problems.

As the teams look to get creative the animal auditions prove troublesome, and casting a male voice for a sexy female cat puts an actor on the spot.

With all the work done it is time to pitch the product to pet food experts, at which point the cold reality of the situation hits both teams. The analysis begins and before long Lord Sugar is ready to announce those fateful words, 'You're fired!'