By Marcus Leach

The Apprentice threw up a major surprise this week as Lord Sugar fired not one but two candidates after the latest challenge.

Ellie Reed and Vincent Disneur were both given the boot, with Miss Reed claiming Mr Disneur was only fired because of his 'smug face' when it was announced she had been fired.

As Lord Sugar gave Miss Reed her marching orders Mr Disneur, the Belgian sales manager, couldn't contain his smugness as he smirked at his colleagues demise. That didn't sit well with Lord Sugar, and before he could wipe the smile off his face Mr Disneur was fired too.

Miss Reed said the axing of Mr Disneur softened the blow of her own firing after the pet food challenge.

"I think he [Disneur] was pleased that I was being fired then I think Lord Sugar decided I’m not going to let you get away with that — and fired him too," she told The Daily Mail.

"I don’t think he [Lord Sugar] had decided to do double firing before that. I think he did it on the spur of the moment.

"I was pretty gutted but obviously when I found out Vince had been fired - I was pleased because of his smug face when I got fired.

"I wish it had just been Vince. I think in the situation I was one of the people who had been more successful in business and didn't get a chance to shine. I felt it was pretty gutting.

"I was a bit gutted it was not just him on his own. I think it's a shame that he didn't just fire Vince and let me stay another week."

It was never a great relationship between the two on the show, with Miss Reed having a problem with how vain Mr Disneur was.

Mr Disneur, leading the the team that included Miss Reed, had a day to forget as he pressed ahead with advertising a new dog food called 'Every Dog', despite warnings from a vet that you can't feed all dogs the same food.

In a strange move Mr Disneur then took Miss Reed and Natasha Scribbins into the boardroom to face Lord Sugar, even though it was fellow team member Jim Eastwood who had been the prominent figure in the debacle.

"I haven’t seen much of you Ellie and I don’t think I could go into business with you, so I’m going to tell you that — You’re Fired!" Lord Sugar announced.

Lord Sugar then, surprisingly, turned to Mr Disneur, and accused him of taking the wrong people into the boardroom.

"I’ve got the feeling that you are too in awe of other people and that you are playing a bit of a risky game in strategizing by bringing the wrong people in here, so I think a message needs to go back that, Vincent - You’re Also Fired." Lord Sugar said stunning people.