By Marcus Leach

It's Wednesday which can only mean one thing, The Apprentice is back on our screens with the fourth episode of the new series.

Last week saw Gavin Winstanley, team leader for Logic, fired after his team lost the Savoy challenge by just £8, so what can we expect in tonight's episode?

Lord Sugar gathers the hopefuls at the British Museum to announce the next task; to set up a beauty treatment business in Birmingham. But before they are set free to try and win the challenge he re-balances the teams.

Lord Sugar gives both team leaders advice, demanding they both offer hands-on treatment and sell products off the back of this. Once the teams have decided on the treatments they will offer it is time to get the relevant training.

However, this causes problems with one of the boys who feels the hands-on approach will challenge his masculinity and also cause worries for his girlfriend.

With the teams opting for different approaches, one goes for the city centre and the other an out of town mall, it is game on as they attempt to attract customers and get them into the treatment rooms.

Team leaders take desperate measures to ensure they are the ones who come out on top, but this leads to ugly scenes in the boardroom before Lord Sugar calls order and gets ready to fire the next candidate.