By Marcus Leach

This week's episode of The Apprentice sees Lord Sugar set the two teams a simple exercise of buying and selling.

As the series reaches the business end Lord Sugar goes on something of a nostalgia trip, taking both teams to a north London warehouse, similar to where he started out buying and selling in his younger days.

Both teams are given a pallet containing £250 worth of wholesale goods, tasked with deciding what will sell best, before re-investing in the selected products.

Amongst the goods are nodding dogs, duvet sets, watches, umbrellas, cheap sunglasses and expensive pressure washers. Given the task seems fairly simple there is no shortage of volunteers to be team leaders, but will it be as simple as the candidates think?

With all of London to sell to it is a case of matching the goods with the right target market, which proves to be beyond some of the candidates. And whilst some have a natural talent for cold selling, others find it a struggle that leaves them a little embarrassed.

As the pressure begins to mount both teams start to make some rash, illogical decisions which leads to inevitable arguments. Suddenly both teams are in disarray and as the date with the boardroom nears Lord Sugar is expecting good results.

However, he is left somewhat disappointed with the results of both teams and soon loses control with the losing team. Cue the customary bout of back-stabbing, before Lord Sugar, torn between who to get rid of, declares 'You're Fired!'

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