By Marcus Leach

In anticipation of The Apprentice returning for its 7th season tonight, Fresh Business Thinking have had a look at this season's candidates.

Marking a shift from an executive to more of an entrepreneur focus, the winner will be awarded £250,000 worth of investment in their own business instead of the 6-figure salary offered to the winners of the previous searons.

The sixteen hopefulls for Apprentice 2011 are:

Edna Agbarha: A 36-year-old business psychologist from London who holds two masters degrees.

Ellie Reed: 33-year-old managing director in construction recruitment who has always worked for her rewards.

Felicity Jackson: Inspired by T-Mobile this 23-year-old entrepreneur claims she sees everything in a positive light.

Helen Louise Milligan: A self-confessed workaholic, 30-year-old Milligan is currently an executive assistant to the CEO of Greggs Bakery.

Meldoy Hossaini: The inspirational 26-year-old is the founder and director of a renowned UK youth organisation and has worked with 12 Nobel Peace prize winners.

Natasha Scribbins: 31-year-old Scribbins is a divisional manager in recruitment inspired by the Nike brand for their representation of women in the sporting world.

Susan Ma: Having graduated with a degree in philosophy and economics the 21-year-old entrepreneur has a keen business knowledge and ambition to match.

Zoe Beresford: 26-year-old project manager who is prepared to do whatever it takes to win.

Alex Britez Cabral: An estate agent by trade 28-year-old Cabral is driven by the fear of failure.

Gavin Winstanley: Managing director of his own online business the 27-year-old is, in his own words, 'all mouth'.

Glenn Ward: 28-year-old Ward is inspired by Mark Zuckerberg and believes he has a fine mix of technical thinking and salesman bravado.

Jim Eastwood: Sales and marketing manager Eastwood, 32, says Richard Branson is his inspiration in business.

Leon Doyle: Another inspired by Richard Branson 26-year-old Doyle doesn't believe in selling ice to eskimos.

Tom Pellereau: The 31-year-old inventor sees the Apprentice as the World Cup for entrepreneurs, and has his sights set on winning.

Vincent Disneur: Working as a sales manager the 29-year-old film buff relies on his supposed good looks and positive energy to stand out from the crowd.

Edward Hunter: 25-year-old accountant Hunter wants out of the finance profession and sees this as his big chance.

With the new series airing tonight, May 10th, Fresh Business Thinking will bring you regular updates on Sir Sugar's quest to uncover the next great entrepreneur.