By Maximilian Clarke

As rising floodwaters continue to push further into Thailand’s capital, large swathes of the Southeastern Asian nation’s industrial heartland are under water.

Numerous factories have been forced to close, resulting in disruptions to industrial production lines that are having knock-on effects in countries across the world.

Honda, the world’s second largest car manufacturer and the largest producer of internal combustion engines, have today announced a reduced output at the firm’s UK plant in Swindon. The automotive giant issued the following statement:

Honda regrets any inconvenience this may cause to our customers and dealers and we are working closely with our suppliers in Thailand and throughout our global network to re-establish the flow of parts. Once supply stabilises, HUM will quickly resume full production.

Production has also been halted in the US and Canada- for the second time this year. Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami wrought havoc on the country’s industry, resulting in lost production across the planet.

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