By Daniel Hunter

The UK’s temporary jobseekers would be the secret weapon to our most successful workforces, if it wasn’t for corporate attitudes, according to research out today from, the UK’s SMS temporary jobs network.

The survey of 100 companies from all sectors across the UK revealed the ‘gravitas gap’ that is preventing employers and employees from considering part-time and temporary career options. The results indicate that despite some positive sentiments towards them, permanent staff are more likely to apply negative assumptions and generalisations to their temping colleagues.

Eight out of ten colleagues felt that temp and short-term work was suitable for their profession. However, only 20% of managers said they’d choose a temporary candidate over a permanent one. Despite believing in short-term suitability for their professions, three-quarters of the permanent workforce surveyed said that they wouldn’t consider that sort of work themselves.

The research shows that temporary workers are not regarded as second-place in the eyes of permanent colleagues when it comes to intelligence and attitude:

· 75% of permanent staff think their temp colleagues are career focused
· Only one in ten of their co-workers think temp staff are less qualified and able to do their job
· Half of respondents thought their temporary colleagues were more flexible in their attitude to work than their permanent ones
· Despite recent press reports on cash-in-hand workers and taxation issues, 60% of surveyed workers believe those earning cash deserve to be taken as seriously as salaried employees

However, the ‘gravitas gap’ evident when it comes to the more personal perceptions of a temp worker’s place in a typical business:

· 55% of workers felt short-term colleagues weren’t taken as seriously as the permanent staff at their firm
· 40% of permanent workers think temporary staff are just ‘doing it for the money’
· A third of permanent workers don’t think their temp colleagues get as stressed as they do
· Only one in 15 permanent workers would ever think of taking a short-term position themselves

“Unfortunately, the survey reflects the employment situation in the UK that we’re seeing,” commented Assaf Shalvi, CEO at “There are so many jobs that need doing, and a huge amount of qualified and keen people available at short notice to get the work done, but there’s still this attitude that temporary workers will have shortcomings.

“We’re seeing an upswing amongst the employers willing to give the temporary worker model a go, which is fantastic — it’s getting the country back on its feet economically and putting people in work. However, there’s more work to do.

“Companies that adjust quickly to the possibilities of short-term staffing will benefit from cost savings and better productivity and will be able to better compete in the market. The fact that people no longer work short-term for ‘real world experience’, but do it because it is the real world and truly is the way they want to work is an opportunity for businesses.

"They can hire qualified, experienced candidates for temporary work that plan to give the same 100% as a permanent team member. They should not be regarded by anybody as a second-tier option, this ‘gravitas gap’ needs to close.”

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