Recent research has revealed that 65% of businesses prioritise their website aesthetics over usability and only 37% choose conversion optimization; a strategy which is costing them a cool £2billion a year of wasted marketing spending.

Over 40% of on-line marketers measure a website’s performance by the amount of traffic that arrives and 65% on the number of sales generated. However, ‘bounce rates’ remain high, and marketers should balance these results with the missed opportunities. Managing this additional metric could lead to a much more significant growth in business.

"When managing a website, most businesses seem comfortable dealing with the beginning and the end of a user journey but are out of their zone regarding the middle bit. The average bounce rate is 50%, which is in effect wasting 50% of their marketing budget. This should be unacceptable," Ivan Imhoff, MD at House of Kaizen said.

The 100% Challenge

To prove this point, House of Kaizen has announced a very special challenge. By weaving their own brand of magic i.e.; methodology based on a mathematical approach composed of advanced analytics, behavioural analysis and A/B/n and multivariate split testing, they will increase a website conversion rate by 100% for free. Visit http://www.houseofkaizen.com/100-percent-challenge for entry details.

One winner will be selected and 5 runners up will receive £31,000 worth of optimization services.