By Marcus Leach

New research reveals that nine out of 10 teachers believe pupils who are taught to develop the ability and desire to be entrepreneurial are better prepared for entering the world of business.

However, despite this support for entrepreneurialism, only three out of 10 teachers know how to teach it.

The Prime Minister has called for the next decade to be ‘the most entrepreneurial and dynamic in our history,’ and has warned against the ‘enemies of enterprise’, yet this desire is not reflected in Britain's schools.

Only one third of teachers have had the teaching of entrepreneurial skills included as part of their training while seven out of 10 believed that teaching entrepreneurialism should be part of their teacher-training.

These results have prompted Rod Aldridge, founder of The Aldridge Foundation to call for the teaching of entrepreneurial skills to be an essential part of teacher-training.

“These findings show a clear gap between teachers’ wish to encourage entrepreneurialism and a lack practical training to deliver it," Rod Aldridge commented.

"If we are going to wage war on the enemies of enterprise, then we need to start with helping teachers equip tomorrow’s entrepreneurs with the skills to take advantage of the new opportunities.

"The current teacher-training system simply doesn’t train them in how to help their pupils adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. This is why we are making the following recommendations:

- The new National College for School Leadership must place the tuition of an entrepreneurial mindset at the heart of teacher training.

- The National Curriculum should embed the entrepreneurial mindset at the centre of school life.

- The Government should convene a national forum of educationalists and employers to work together to make the teaching of an entrepreneurial mindset central to education policy and practice.”

The results have sparked a fresh round of calls amongst business leaders for vocational and business skills to be embedded into the National Curriculum to enable pupils to gain the practical skills that employers are looking for.

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