Tata Steel Port Talbot

Tata Steel has announced plans to cut a further 1,050 jobs following the continued decline of steel prices.

It follows the hundreds of job cuts announced before Christmas. Around 300 jobs will be cut at Tata's smaller factories across the country.

But the majority will come at the firm's steelworks in Port Talbot, in South Wales, which are necessary to keep the plant open. Employing 4,000 workers, Port Talbot is the UK's biggest steelworks, but it is understood to currently be losing £1 million per day.

Speaking to the BBC, Gareth Stace, director of industry body UK Steel, said: "If anything does happen with further job losses, it's a wake up call again to government.

"The work it's doing to help us is good but we need much further action taking place to tackle the imports, the flood of Chinese steel into the UK and the European economy.

"We need to see government and the European Commission tackling that head on and quickly."

A spokesperson for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, said: "The government continues to engage closely with Tata on how we can help during this difficult period for the sector."