By, Alan Price, Peninsula HR Director

Talent acquisition and retention is one of the biggest factors many businesses face today. There is a vast pool out undiscovered talent out there, that are just waiting to be given a chance to prove their value in the workplace. Despite the fact that the customary advertisement and interview scenario has been utilised for years and to some extent is still effective, there are other methods which could be introduced to help rejuvenate the recruitment process and provide employers with access to a wider network of talent.

Traditionally, recruitment places emphasis on the importance of potential candidates standing out from the crowd and putting their best foot forward, however today, it is equally important for an organisation to appeal to and attract job-seekers. Modern technology provides an easily accessed portal for job-seekers to venture into the world of any company, gaining an insight into their ethos, culture and personality. For this reason, it is pivotal that businesses look to the future of recruitment and consider the methods they use to employee candidates strategically.

The method of recruitment you decide to utilise should always mirror your company culture. For example, if you are a company who prides themselves on innovation and being at the forefront of technology, a simple job advertisement may not be the best approach. In this instance, selecting a non-traditional form of media such as a YouTube video or podcast may be more effective in attracting the type of candidate you are looking for. Utilising a video recruitment feature for your organisation could help potential candidates gain an idea of what it would be like working for the company, whilst also being fun and engaging, helping you to differentiate yourselves from similar businesses.

In line with the above, social media can be an effective platform for recruitment. We often spend hours of our days engaging and interacting on various social media platforms, which gives organisations a prime place to target new recruits. The power of social media enables job-seekers to see jobs post as they go live, whilst also providing them with an opportunity to communicate with the company in real time.

Additionally, in keeping with the social theme of recruitment, instead of conducting a standard one-to- one interview, try considering alternative methods that could help you assess a candidates skills prior to a formal interview. Such methods could include inviting job-seekers to an open casting call event, whereby potential candidates participate in activities such as interview speed dating or team building exercises, for example pitching a new idea for a product. The aforementioned activities will provide employers with a much greater insight into how an individual may perform on the job and whether they will be effective member of your team.

Recruitment can be an expensive process, so ensuring that you get it right is of the upmost importance. The recruitment process should be focused and targeted to enable employers to access candidates that fit the job specification and reflect the company culture. Traditional recruitment methods should not necessarily be by-passed by employers, but integrated with innovative and modern techniques that give you the best chance possible of finding talent that will help grow your business.