Whilst a lot of people think about getting in better physical shape for the summer, many don’t consider how to get financially fit. Slimming your expenditure between now and the summer can leave you hundreds in the bank to help towards the holiday you deserve. For some that might mean finally checking-in to the plush hotel you’ve been dreaming of, or maybe getting a new summer wardrobe?

Whatever tickles your fancy, we have got a simple, five step detox to help you get fit, by ensuring you aren’t one of the majority of people who inadvertently waste money on your household bills, rather than spending it on you and your loved ones.

So let’s get started with the detox:

# 1:

Average savings from being on the right gas and electricity tariff are £200 a year. Have you switched in the last twelve months? If you’re like most people and haven’t got round to it, you’re probably paying hundreds more than you should.

# 2:

Is your mobile phone contract beyond the minimum term? If it is, you are likely to pay up to three times more than you could. Either move to a SIM-only deal and keep your existing phone, or get a new handset.

# 3:

Check your bills are correct each month. Household bills are wrong more often than you might think, and can lead to you being overcharged in error, or undercharged and then “back-billed” in future - receiving a high bill when the provider spots their error.

# 4:

Do you pay by direct debit and receive electronic bills where available? If you don’t, you’re likely to be charged around £50 more by each household provider. Switch to direct debit and paperless bills - it saves your suppliers money and then they charge you less.

# 5:

To make sure you’re not red-faced like an angry lobster, ensure that using your mobile whilst abroad isn’t going to cost you a fortune. Many people’s bills can double during the summer holidays due to high roaming charges, so if you’re at the end of your contract, consider moving to a roaming-friendly deal, like Three’s “Feel at Home”. Internet, calls and texts are included in your contract bundle in nineteen different countries, meaning your bills will be the same as when you’re at home.

By David Sheridan, Commercial Director at Onedox