By Jemima Gibbons, Social Media Strategist, AAB Engage

There’s no doubt that Sarah Burton (dress designer), McVities (cake maker) and Party Pieces (the Middletons’ online retail company) did well out of last month’s royal wedding between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (as we now know them), but which other brands used the occasion innovatively to boost sales?

The immediacy, intimacy and sheer reach of social media means that social networks such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook come into their own during any kind of live event. And this royal wedding, with an estimated worldwide audience of up to two billion, promised to be a live event like no other.

T-Mobile got off the blocks early, launching its royal wedding dance on YouTube a full two weeks before the wedding took place. The two minute video was published on a Friday lunchtime and had notched up over 5.5 million views by the following Tuesday morning. The ad sent Facebook and Twitter alight on the day of release, with a re-tweet by Justin Beiber sending its popularity rocketing.

The ad ticks all the right boxes. Choreographed by reality TV star Louie Spence and produced by Saatchi & Saatchi, it features an aisle-full of royal look-alikes dancing to London-based dance band, East 17. The audience is made up of T-mobile customers who apparently had no idea what was going to happen on the day (although formal dress code and church location might have been a giveaway).

T-mobile’s Royal Wedding Dance is uplifting, expensive and fun — perfectly in tune with the “Kate and Wills” brand. The ad ends with the slightly alterered tagline, “One’s life is for Sharing” — very cute, and icing on the viral cake!

Royal Wedding Dance was posted on 15 April and has had 20,540,710 views at the time of writing. It’s proved to be another viral hit for T-mobile. The brand now has 23,000 subscribers on YouTube, 10,600 followers on Twitter and a whopping 53,400 fans on Facebook.

It’s somewhat ironic that the Metropolitan Police banned all use of mobile devices in Westminster Cathedral during the actual royal wedding.

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