By Max Clarke

Super::tec today announced Swivelscript for Salesforce™, a software package allowing for greater integration between cloud and desktop applications.

Swivelscript has been created to allow modern web-based applications to be easily integrated with desktop applications by automating, monitoring and controlling their operations. Swivelscript for Salesforce[trade] achieves this through the use of simple Salesforce customization scripts that will be familiar to any implementer of Salesforce-based solutions. Consequently, users will be more efficient in carrying out their daily tasks, IT will leverage years of desktop investment while benefiting from moving to the cloud and the business will gain transparency and control over their processes.

Edwin van der Sanden, CEO, super::tec says: "Cloud applications are great but we need to be realistic and understand that desktop applications aren't just going to vanish from the processes that users are working on. With Swivelscript, these two worlds can easily communicate, allowing for actions from either world to have an immediate effect on the other. And all this delivered as an extension to the cloud application."

This product release brings Swivelscript to Salesforce, the world's most popular cloud application platform. Future releases, planned for later in 2011, include specific editions for Siebel and SAP as well as a generic web application version.