By Maximilian Clarke

As preparations get underway for November 30th’s day of strike action in protest of the government’s pension reforms, a survey from the UK’s largest union reveals widespread mistrust in government.

Two thirds of the 1058 surveyed by Survation for the Unite union considered pensions the most important form of employee benefits, yet 85% considered company chief executives and MPs are not doing enough to protect workers pensions during the downturn.

"This survey cuts through the spin and explodes the myths being peddled by the coalition government about public sector pensions,” said Len McCLuskey, Unite General Secretary. “Virtually nobody thinks public sector pensions are 'gold-plated' and the government are thoroughly distrusted on this issue. When the British people get the facts, rather than misinformation and propaganda, they are on the side of public sector workers.

"We are winning the argument by telling the truth while the government tries to pull the wool over the public's eyes. The government's plans to slash public sector pensions are not what the people of this country want for the women and men who care for our sick, teach our children and keep our streets safe. "It is time for Francis Maude and Danny Alexander to negotiate a just and fair settlement with the unions on pensions."

Damian Lyons Lowe, Chief Executive of Survation added; “The slogan “We Are The 99%” has become a rallying cry for many disparate groups angry at Governments across the world. In this survey, an incredible 99% of the 1058 voters we questioned do not fully trust the Government when it comes to the issue of pension affordability. This survey has uncovered a highly sceptical UK workforce feeling either worried, angry or helpless about potential negative pension changes and feel that perceived well off citizens are not pulling their weight in these difficult economic times”

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