By Daniel Hunter

IML Worldwide, a specialist in the provision of interactive event technology and a global leader in harnessing audience insight, has conducted an independent global survey into the levels of importance businesses attribute to the capturing of insight at meetings and the use of technology to facilitate this.

The survey highlighted the use of technology as a key ingredient to maximising success, as measurement and ROI for events become increasingly important.

Key findings include:

- Nearly 90% of those surveyed believed they could do more to maximise the insight they gather through the use of technology at events. Increased audience engagement and improved data/insight gathering was the main beneficiary of this technology.

- Whilst voting/ polling is still the prime reason for using event technology, this is set to change with 95% noting that more in depth use of interactive event technology offered better decision making and more guidance in strategic direction.

- 89% thought post event feedback is becoming increasingly important. While traditional methods of gauging audience insight after events fail to provide effective and efficient analysis, technology is providing a richer understanding of the value of an event. 79% believe audience insight is lost without the use of interactive event technology.

- As budgets are squeezed, measuring ROI is a key element of any large event. Technology that enables measurement is becoming key, and over 80% of CEOs surveyed now consider event ROI as either very important or vitally important.

- Whilst event organisers already utilise a variety of technologies to gather audience insight, over 60% believe that interactive event technology has made a major, or the biggest difference to events in the past 5 years.

The global survey of over 350 event stakeholders shows an increasing use of innovative technology to understand audience insight, which will be front of mind for anyone involved in events during 2013.

“Our industry is rapidly evolving as technology advancements occur and philosophies on shared intelligence develop. With this evolution comes the opportunity to engage with audiences more fully and rewardingly than ever before," Richard Fisher, CEO at IML Worldwide commented.

“At a time when ‘Return on Investment’ is a prerequisite, successful events will be those run by informed meeting stakeholders that recognise the merits of the technological solutions afford them; then selecting and incorporating them into their events as appropriate.”

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