By Daniel Hunter

The Secretary of State has announced that outdated Jobseeker’s Allowance legislation will not stand in the way of unemployed people who want to serve their country in the reserve forces.

Previously unemployed people who were members of the reserve forces had to stop their claim for Jobseeker’s Allowance to attend their annual two week training camp. As they are paid for this training their benefit payments would be stopped and they would need to make a new claim at the end of their training and wait while it was processed to receive their money.

Under the new system reservists will receive a nominal payment of 10p in order to ensure their entitlement remains open.

Jobs within the reserved forces provide excellent training and experiences that can translate to permanent employment. People can find out more about vacancies in the reservists through Jobcentres.

During other periods of their claim members of the reserve forces are expected to meet the same jobseeking and availability conditions as other claimants.

"The reserve forces play a crucial role in maintaining the safety of our country," Secretary of State Iain Duncan Smith said.

"It is absurd that our system should make life harder for them to do their bit. That is why today I am removing the benefit bureaucracy reservists’ face to attend events such as their annual training.

"The skills and experience an unemployed person can gain by being a member of the reserve forces will ultimately leave them in the best position to find permanent employment."

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