By Jonathan Davies

Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco have all announced plans to cut petrol prices, starting from today (Tuesday).

Sainsbury's and Tesco will cut prices by up to 5p per litre, whilst Asda is cutting prices by 1p for petrol and 2p for diesel.

The AA and RAC welcomed the news, but the body representing independent petrol stations is worried about what it could mean for smaller pumps.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said prices "been low for around three months" and said motorists have seen "some of the cheapest prices for over three years".

Mr Williams added that the cuts "will take us to a new low, the likes of which we haven't seen since late 2010, early 2011 when the price of petrol and diesel unfortunately jumped by 10 pence a litre in just a few months".

Luke Bosdet, AA spokesperson, said the cuts were "particularly welcome as families get back to school runs and into their autumn routines".

But the RMI Independent Petrol Association (PRA) said around 900 independent forecourts had closed between 2008 and 2013, worried that more could follow.

Brian Madderson, head of the RMI PRA said: "Those businesses are at the heart of rural communities."

He added that independent stations provide "much needed local facilities".

"Once they're gone, they're gone," he said.

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