Last week we were told that a sale of Twitter was imminent, now it seems to be, at best: put on hold, at worst: called off altogether.

The suitors seem to have got cold feet. Last week we were told that the favourites to pick up the Twitter prize were Alphabet/Google, Salesforce and Disney.

Yesterday, the web site, Record, suggested that both Disney and Alphabet have withdrawn from the battle to own the company.

It also suggested that Apple was out of the running which is a tad odd, because the rumours never did suggest an interest from Apple in the first place.

It said: “By the way, a lack of a Twitter bid by Google or Apple probably raises the likelihood that you are never going to see one from Facebook either.”

So that leaves Salesforce, it is just that other rumours that are circulating suggest that this company has pulled out too.

Shares in Twitter fell by a fifth on the rumours/news.

Of course, if the share price keeps falling, Twitter may look like a bargain, in which case the suitors may come back, or maybe someone like AT&T or Verizon will step up to the altar.