But 48% of those surveyed said they had not yet listened to the record a month after buying it, with some admitting they bought vinyls to decorate their homes.

Some said they buy vinyls to support their favourite artists and around 50% described themselves as record "collectors".

Chris McSweeney, 23, from South Wales, is the type of person highlighted in the research. He listens to music online before buying it on vinyl. He said: "I streamed the album Transgender Dysphoria Blues by Against Me! on YouTube - fell in love with it and bought it from Xtra Mile records the next payday. Nowadays I keep an eye out for anything Frank Turner puts out - I'll likely hear the whole thing on YouTube first, and I'll end up buying the vinyl on principle.

"To me, buying a vinyl record is a statement that you're taking an artist or an album seriously: that you're happy to have it in the shelf, rather than just on a hard drive that'll only end up wiped in a few years time. Besides that, very often vinyl records are produced and sold by smaller artisan labels, and I know that a larger chunk of my purchase will go to supporting the artist, rather than marketing or into the pockets of label execs."