By Adrian Booth

In the business world, attention to detail is vital for retaining customers. Show you care about the little things as well as the big picture and you’ll present your company in a very good light.

Well that’s the theory. Trouble is the number of directions our attention gets pulled in the working day seems to multiply all the time.

So here’s a very simple tool that helps keep track of the little things. Windows 7 now offers Sticky Notes for jotting things down on and keeping them close to hand. There’s no doubt fewer people are now required to do more than ever. Go back 20 years and you’ll find armies of secretaries who not only type, but file and retrieve information, run desk diaries and act as catchers in the rye to stop little things falling off the edge.

This partly explains the success of those yellow sticky paper notes that have become so essential in modern offices. They are a highly effective way of reminding ourselves to do things. Every office has them, and they’ve even infiltrated the home environment too, where they are perfect for shopping lists. These little notelets are big business, and sell by the tonne.

Now this brilliantly simple but highly effective idea has come alive in the virtual world for Windows 7 users. The move makes a lot of sense. You can use Sticky Notes as highly effective reminders of stuff we have to do when we come back from lunch; phone numbers of people to call and facts to check; you can make yourself To Do lists, there’s plenty of scope. It is surprising how often an idea like this can be used.

The notes are yellow, and have a hand-written look about them. If you want, you can format a note’s text, change its colour, resize it, collapse, and even flip through notes. You can also use Sticky Notes with a tablet pen as well as a standard keyboard.

There’s one advantage that springs to mind with these
Windows 7 Sticky Notes. In the past I’ve spent ages searching for an urgent phone number I’d scribbled onto one of the paper types which went missing. You see the sticky element had caused it to accidentally adhere to a directory I’d used and returned to shelf hours before.

OK, so you have Windows 7 and haven’t come across your Sticky Notes yet? Hit the colourful Windows button bottom left of your screen, go to All Programs then Accessories and there are your Sticky Notes. A right click gives you the option of pinning them to your taskbar at the bottom of the screen where they are easy to find.

Make yourself a note to enable your Sticky Notes !

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