Nearly three quarters of workers in the UK trust their employer to create a safe and healthy workplace as they return following the Covid-19 pandemic.

A survey, conducted by Kronos Incorporated, also found that 92% of workers are at least "a little" comfortable with their employer running a contact tracing program, despite fears over privacy. In fact, 46% said they were "very" or "a great deal" comfortable with a workforce management approach which allows employers to use work schedule records to identify those who may have been exposed.

Just 8% said they were "not at all" comfortable with contact tracing in the workplace.

Seven in ten said that they are at least "somewhat" comfortable with their employer leveraging their mobile phone device for organisational safety. That figure increase to 76% when considering the wider public safety outside of the workplace.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, younger millennials and Gen Z consistently report greater comfortability with all forms of contact tracing than do their generational counterparts with at least 70% of younger generations trusting all forms of contact tracing.

Gregg Gordon, vice president of industry at Kronos, said: "This should signal to employers that they have a responsibility to step up and employ all methods necessary to protect workers physically and mentally during Covid-19, regardless of whether employees have worked all through the pandemic, have recently come back to the workplace, or won't be brought back for another few months.

"As the data shows, employer-driven methods of contact tracing are not unwanted among the workforce, though education and transparent communication cannot be overlooked when introducing new policies or protocols related to organisational safety."