As we approach the end of the year and look forward to the one ahead, it’s important to consider what will be most important to you and your business in 2018. And, while many of you may be thinking it’s your next big deal, securing additional investment, or a long-awaited system update that will transform your business, there’s one thing you can’t afford to overlook if you want to keep your wheels turning into the new year: your team. Here, Simon Willies, Head of Commercial, Currys PC World Business, explains why you should make sure your colleagues are top of your Christmas list this year.

The benefits of staff gifting

Put simply, buying your team Christmas presents makes them feel good. This is evidenced by American Express research which showed that 46 per cent of people who received a gift from their employer felt valued.

Buying your team a gift is also likely to make them work harder; the same study revealed that a third of those who received a gift from their employer said they felt inspired to put more effort into their work.

Add this to the 94 per cent who said they would be more likely to stay at a company that rewards them, and you’ve got yourself a more motivated, loyal, and valued work force – all thanks to a simple Christmas gift!

How to pick the perfect gift

Key to picking the perfect present is personalisation. It might seem simple, but thousands of employers up and down the country get each of their team the same gifts every Christmas. A little creativity is needed, showing you really understand the different personalities within your work place. Take your time; think about people’s personal interests and pick gifts accordingly. It’s not rocket science but with a bit of consideration you’ll leave your staff feeling like they work for someone who is grateful for the hard-work they put, and is willing to rewards them for it.

Here are a few ideas to give you a head start when you’re shopping for the different people in your team.

  1. The Gym Bunny: this person gets up early, hits the gym before going to the office and spends Sunday mornings doing lengths rather than under the duvet. Consider a fitness tracker such as FitBit Alta for this sporty type. It’ll track their steps, sleep, and help them to monitor their performance against their goals. What more could a gym bunny want this Christmas?
  2. The Late-Sleeper: the opposite of a gym bunny, they wouldn’t dream of getting out of bed without their daily caffeine kick. Getting them a coffee machine (or alarm clock!) will give them a much-needed morning boost. You never know, it might even improve their punctuality!
  3. The Techy: this type of employee knows their gadgets, follows all the latest trends, and is always on hand to give you advice on which smartphone or laptop to buy. With voice activated tech being all the rage – and surprisingly affordable – why not invest in an Amazon Echo Dot? This clever piece of tech allows users to do everything from ordering groceries to booking taxis all via voice-activated Alexa. The Techy on your team will love it!
  4. The Practical Type: spending all their weekend welding, building, and restoring everything from cars to houses, they’re love practicality. Why not give them vouchers to their favourite hardware store, or better still, a DIY Christmas present that they have to build themselves?
  5. The Instagrammer: we all know someone who posts a lot of snaps on social media. Well, Christmas is the perfect time to treat them with a Wi-Fi enabled compact camera, which they can use to upload photographs straight to social media. It’s guaranteed to come in handy at the Christmas party too!
So, when you decide to hit the high street and do your Christmas shopping this year, make sure your team members are on the list too. A simple gift can go a long way towards making your team feel valued, motivated, and increasingly loyal towards your business.

Simon Willies is Head of Commercial at Currys PC World Business. Follow Currys PC World Business on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.