By Lauren Baldwin, Editor at Bizcrowd

The sun is creeping out from behind the clouds, lambs are starting to bounce around in the fields and there is a definite possibility of chocolate overload this weekend. This can only mean one thing, spring has sprung, and it’s time to get cleaning.

But I’m not talking about donning the marigolds and getting busy with the bleach. I’m talking about giving your business a spring clean.

Lets be honest, we can all get stuck in a rut sometimes - be it leaving the filling to pile up, or refusing to walk away from a long standing process (even if it would make sense to do something slightly different). Out of sight can often mean out of mind, so your virtual office could no doubt do with a flick of the old feather duster.

Becky from Bizcrowd is going to talk you through her top five tips for getting your business sparkling clean.

1. When was the last time you double-checked your contact details?

Go through business cards, letter heads and compliment slips and make sure that they have all the relevant details on there. Are all your phone numbers correct? Is your job title accurate? Does your business card make it clear what you do with a minimal amount of fuss? Are your contact details relevant?

You should also set up email accounts that are relevant to your business, joe.bloggs@gmail.com versus joe.bloogs@sussex-plumbingworld.com will come across as a lot more professional to prospective customers.

Being easily contactable is the first hurdle of running your own business, so take some time to make sure that all your details are up to date and promote you in the best way possible.

2. Does your inbox sometimes bring the phrase ‘I can’t see the woods for the trees’ to mind?

The last thing you want is to lose sight of that all important order or customer query, because of the junk mail taking over your inbox. But don’t worry help is at hand via the handy little site https://unroll.me.

Once you've signed up, this useful service can access your email subscriptions and allow you to unsubscribe you with one click from the ones you have no use for. Genius!

3. Now you've cleared out your inbox, take a look at your online filing system

Because it's hidden in a virtual world, it can be easy to pay less care and attention to this type of filing than paper documents. Why not try and mirror what you do offline, online? Or, make a structure chart and stick to it (ensuring that your work force also maintains the new set up). You'll be surprised how much time you can get back in your day if you're no longer have to search for files that either you or a colleague has filed obscurely.

4. Take stock

Review the past years' expenditures for everything from Post-its and pens to mugs and milk. If you bought in bulk would you save money? Are there any alternatives (e.g. vending machines) that could reduce costs?

5. Finally, Freshen!

In the main here I'm thinking about your website. Here are 11 great tips on how to freshen your website. http://codeculture.ca/website-advice/11-simple-but-effective-ways-to-freshen-up-your-website-for-2014/

Make sure you check out your competitors and see what they're doing to attract business to their sites and how they keep them there... then make sure your site is better!