By Marcus Leach

Spotify, the online music streaming site, is being sued for allegedly violating patents held by PacketVideo.

The lawsuit will look to sue Spotify in both the US and Europe, claiming violation of two patents covering methods of streaming over data networks.

It is a blow for Spotify, as it has only been two weeks since they launched their US version of online music streaming.

UK-based Spotify said it would "strongly contest" the claims PacketVideo made in its lawsuit.

"PacketVideo has a strong intellectual property portfolio, and will take any necessary action needed to protect its intellectual property and prevent the misuse of its patents," said Joel Espelien, PacketVideo's general counsel in a statement.

Spotify released their own statement, saying they will contest the lawsuit.

"PacketVideo is claiming that by distributing music over the internet, Spotify (and by inference any other similar digital music service) has infringed one of the patents that has previously been acquired by PacketVideo. Spotify is strongly contesting PacketVideo's claim," a statement read.

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