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Warning, there are spoilers in this article, but it has been written in a way to try and ensure your enjoyment of the film is not dampened. But the new Star Wars movie: The Last Jedi seems to be telling us that women are better than men in just about every way - but it did contain good news for egalitarians from both sexes.

Men are too reckless for their own good, women have greater ability to collaborate, making them the superior sex and, in any case, women are the real heroes - these are the conclusions one can draw from The Last Jedi.

In just about every respect, men came off worse than women - with maybe one noticeable exception. Dashing, heroic pilots, who saw rules as an annoyance one had to get around, proved to be dangerous. There was even a mutiny in The Last Jedi - advanced by male heroes against female command, that turned out to be misguided.

But then we live in a time when the BBC is set to give us a female Doctor.

As we enter the era of collaboration, females seem so better suited, or so one might conclude from watching the latest Star Wars flick.

Looking beyond Hollywood, sure, women need men to propagate the species, but it seems that men are even failing in that respect, as male fertility rates decline - how long before technology removes the need for men in the reproductive process?

The victory of females is almost complete - they just need to learn how to deal with spiders.

It is often said that the Star Wars movies are quite left-wing - corporate greed and far-right governments, the enemy.

But in one respect, Star Wars, along with Lord of The Rings, preach the ideals of entitlement and inheritance - Aragon the returning King, direct descendant of Kings from the past - or the Skywalker family - their ability handed to them by birth, their genes making them the most important dynasty - for good or bad - in the galaxy.

But the latest movie took a turn. Without giving away too much, it seems that ordinary folk, from poor families, or worse who were deserted by their parents, or were born into slavery (final scene in film) can make it. In a few years time, when the latest movie is so well known there is no need to worry about spoilers, we can explore this one in more depth.