Specialist Computer Centres (SCC) is an information technology services firm, mainly catering for very large companies and public sector bodies.

Headquartered in Tyseley, Birmingham, UK, it is Europe's largest privately owned technology company in terms of revenue and is Hewlett-Packard's largest European partner.

Its main competitors are Computacenter and Morse Group.

SCC sits under the umbrella of Specialist Computer Holdings (SCH), entirely owned by Sir Peter Rigby (founder, chairman and CEO).

SCC has a number of sister companies within SCH, including Specialist Computer Recruitment (SCR) and three distribution companies: Enhanced Technologies Corporation (ETC), Interchange and ISI. A fourth, GlobalDis, was closed in March 2006.

SCC operations are split between the UK and Europe, with Sir Peter's son, James Rigby, leading the UK side of the company.

While the main focus of the business has traditionally been on very large companies and public organisations, a new division - SCC Exchange - was created in 2004, aimed at the UK small and medium enterprise market, which was subsequently dropped in favour of the online brand IT247.com, purchased in 2007.

Source: Wikipedia