By Max Clarke

The ‘National Space Technology Strategy for the UK’ details priority research and technology areas to help the UK space sector grow including telecommunications and access to space.

This will support the National Space Technology Programme announced in the Growth Review and help UK businesses make the most of foreign markets.

Currently worth an estimated £7.5 billion and expanding rapidly[/u][/nurl], the Space Industry has recently received increased input from government, with the UK Space Agency last week being incorporated into the Government’s Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

“The UK’s space sector is a key driver of economic growth and is increasing rapidly each year. In the Government’s Plan for Growth we committed to removing the regulatory barriers to further growth and announced a £10 million investment to start a national technology programme with industry,” said David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science and Space Leadership Council co-chair.

“Today’s strategy is an excellent example of the value of working closely with industry, and I am confident it will provide our space sector with the advice and guidance it needs to truly flourish.”

The National Space Technology Strategy is the result of a six-month process, working with all areas of the space sector and taking a range of views and expertise onboard. A series of ‘roadmaps’ were then produced, giving industry the clear, actionable guidance needed to drive innovation and increase market share in areas such as telecommunications, sensing, exploration and access to space.