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All businesses need help to address the pain points of growth through digital transformation, and as software solutions have developed over the years, it’s the customisable options that are proving most popular.

Specifically engineered to unique business needs, custom-built software streamlines processes and maximises efficiency so that organisations can scale healthily. Below we take a look at some of these efficiencies and consider what real benefits they can bring to business.

Future-proof value

Industry and technological advances mean bespoke software is far more cost-effective than it once was, but its reputation as an expensive option means bosses may favour off-the-shelf products.

These kinds of cheaper investments may fit the bill in the short-run, but if your business requirements change six months or a year down the line, applications may need replacing, potentially creating avoidable and costly disruption.

Customisable software can require a larger initial outlay, depending on the complexity of requirements, but efficiency will be optimised from day one to bestow long-term value.

Power to scale

Vendors can factor growth into bespoke software, which means business owners have the opportunity to find application solutions that take company goals and forecasts into account.

Flexibility of this nature is vital to staying competitive in a digital age defined by rapidly changing market landscapes, technologies and trends. Improved systems and working cultures translate into solutions that improve as the organisation evolves.

Off-the-peg alternatives do not have this dynamic element and can lead to compromised business growth as a result.

Unparalleled support

Quality of service and product integrity are a priority for software architects, a reality that only magnifies where custom packages are concerned.

Industry-leaders like DCSL put your concerns first, offering consultation periods to business owners so that the right applications are built in a way that saves you money and suits your schedule.

Many bespoke software solutions come with free upgrade, maintenance and support opportunities; bosses are afforded crucial peace of mind regarding any potential teething problems as the organisation gets to grips with new technology.

Full integration

At the end of the day, it’s all about your organisation’s success. The beauty of customised software lies in the seamless synergy it creates across your business, through full programme integration.

Firms often rely on a multitude of software platforms, each of which can now operate through one bespoke software solution that dovetails all processes.

For example, when data is updated, the updates will be applied throughout all applications at the same time. This cuts out the disruptive potential caused by human error, or confusion caused by numerous parties working on multiple copies of the same document.

In this unified digital ecosystem, data-sharing and collaboration are streamlined, enabling workers to optimise their efforts in a way that minimises the drain on real resources.

“We often become more than a software developer to our clients,” said Nick Thompson, managing director at DCSL Software. “We play the part of trusted adviser, by evaluating the genuine business needs and helping to create a complete software specification – but this typically starts with helping the organisation to get a clear view of their own processes. Once existing gaps and opportunities have been identified, we can start to pressure-test software ideas to ensure they are completely aligned with the business.”

DCSL Software work with organisations across a wide range of industries, building solutions that support commerce, client engagement, quality, reporting and insight, collaboration and much more. This breadth of experience feeds into a knowledge base that sometimes offers unexpected benefits to the client. “What we often find,” Nick continues, “is that we can cross-pollinate ideas from one industry to another. Many organisations in different sectors face similar problems and can learn from each other. By sharing our experience and guidance, we can often accelerate the client’s innovation process and find unique bespoke software solutions that offer a genuine competitive advantage.”

A future-proof solution

While alternatives exist, the efficiency-enabling potential of custom software highlights it as a choice that will stand the test of time.

Costs will depend on your business requirements, but the creation of a truly bespoke application infrastructure means that you gain a lasting competitive advantage, and an application environment that is continually relevant to the direction of your business growth.

By Stephen White, Amplified Business Content